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Asset management with RFID icon

Marking of company assets

Permanently label company assets, goods, products and other resources.

Asset inventory icon

Asset inventory

Control the fixed assets, equipment and products of your company and the employees responsible for them.

Product traceability icon

Product labelling and traceability

Marking and registration of products. Tracking of products and RFID monitoring of production.

Returnable containers icon

Record of returnable containers

Control containers and returnable containers to avoid production losses and downtime.

Mobile RFID application icon

Mobile RFID applications

The RFID mobile reader will accelerate many of your industrial and business processes.

Automatic parking system icon

Automatic parking systems

Control entries and exits to the company's premises and parking lots.

Logistics RFID icon

Logistics and transport

Identify vehicles and goods in the supply chain.

Warehouse management icon

Warehouse management

Readers, applications, software and RFID gateways will control the process of entering and exiting goods.

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