RFID UHF 4MRF long-range reader

You can implement various RFID projects using this versatile RFID reader. Richly equipped, multi-functional, integrated UHF RFID reader with a range of up to 8 meters. Easy to install and use, it possesses plenty of communication interfaces.

Call or write, and we will advise you on how to set up the reader and which tags will be a perfect fit for your RFID project.

Shipping within 24 hours. By buying from us, you get a guaranteed warranty and post-warranty service.

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The RFID UHF 4MRF reader is easy to install, versatile, and compatible with many communication interfaces.
It’s the best choice if you’re looking for a universal, well-equipped, integrated RFID UHF reader. As a quality product, it was given the Product of the Year award by the readers of Maintenance Magazine. It’s easy to program and flexible in its applications. Already implemented in hundreds of projects, it has proven its value in the industry, access control, logistics, and trade.

The RFID reader is designed to read and program UHF RFID tags in:

  • office – monitoring movement of personnel and company assets, timekeeping, resource control,
  • industry – industrial automation, inventory of tools, materials and matrices,
  • logistics and trade – identification and tracking of shipments throughout the supply chain, RFID logistic labels,
  • warehouses – pallet trays for forklifts, RFID gateways,
  • access control – maintenance of parking system,
  • sports events – electronic time measurement,
  • inventory of fixed assets and equipment – rental service, monitoring company property, fixed assets, and equipment,
  • security – staff count, zone protection, traffic signalling,
  • health care, hospitals and nursing homes – monitoring movement of staff and patients, access control, property.

It can work as a desktop reader or be mounted on a wall, a post or a rack.

Why should you buy this particular RFID UHF 4MRF reader?

  • shipping within 24 hours – all our readers come with a warranty and after-warranty service,
  • compact, aesthetic, and easy to assemble casing with an additional mounting bracket for flat surfaces or a rack,
  • a long-range reader with an RFID antenna enclosed in a single unit,
  • many communication interfaces – RS232, RS485, USB, Wiegand 26/34, and also LAN, WLAN by request,
  • compatibility with popular languages: Delphi, C, C#,
  • thanks to the software utility by PWSK you will integrate the reader without hiring a developer.


Power supply unit, network adapter, and mast mounting bracket are included. In addition, you’ll receive service software for device configuration and complete technical documentation.
The reader is perfectly suited for access control systems such as automatic parking system. Availability of the Wiegand 34 bit output allows the reader to be connected to any access control unit and to use the long-range RFID technology.

The video below shows how to release and return items with the use of an RFID UHF 4MRF reader:

Description of RFID UHF 4MRF reader

Integrated long-range RFID UHF reader (maximum reading range of up to 8 meters, optimally up to 4 meters). The casing contains an 8dbi gain antenna with a single channel reader.
For simplicity of implementation, the reader is equipped with a number of communication interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, Wiegand, and optionally LAN, WLAN). This makes it easy to use it in any RFID system.
The unit has been tested by the technical department of PWSK and hundreds of our customers. We guarantee full support during the implementation process and provide reader configuration software along with API.
Reader’s casing complies with IP54 standards allowing for both indoor and outdoor installation.

What do the users say about the reader?

An installer of automatic barriers and parking systems: “The RFID readers provided by PWSK are of high quality and are resistant to weather conditions.”
– mgr inż. Dominik Pioskowik

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 5 cm

865 – 868 MHz (EU)


UHF (EPC 1, GEN 2)


ISO/IEC 18000



Zysk anteny



Programmable (max 500mW)


7 meters


to 50 tags per second


Ethernet (LAN) in option, RS232, RS485, Wiegand, Wireless (Wi-Fi) in option


GPI: Trigger (TTL)


+/- 10%, 9VDC


230VAC-DC adapter, mast grip

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