Quick Inventory RFID software

Quick Inventory enables proximity identification of fixed assets and equipment with the use of UHF RFID tags. An RFID system records all types of assortment, equipment, materials and goods. Thanks to it, you will always know the location of your property and be able to check who its current holder is.

You will receive both Quick Inventory and Mobile Warehouse software in one system. Aside from inventory, with this system you’ll be able to monitor your assortment’s technical inspection deadlines and track orders of new equipment.

Save time spent on locating your property, clearing staff from your equipment and taking care of its technical condition.

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An effective software to inventory fixed assets. Quick Inventory enables permanent marking of assets with RFID chips. It manages, records, and collates all company resources.

Over 1000 implementations across Poland, 10 years of experience and customer service has allowed us to create a product that is perfectly tailored to the real needs of our users.

What are the applications of Quick Inventory software?

Quick Inventory is adjusted to inventory various assortment, such as:

  • fixed assets, equipment, vehicles, technical installations,
  • office equipment – furniture, telephones, IT hardware, software,
  • consumables, spare parts,
  • returnable containers,
  • documents and acts,
  • medical and hospital equipment,
  • construction equipment, machinery, and construction tools,
  • personal protective equipment.

Benefits of implementing Quick Inventory:

  • speed up your inventory process up to 10 times thanks to the RFID technology – save money and decrease employees’ workload,
  • closely monitor your company’s assets, have full control over who is the current holder of any given item,
  • make sure that all employees treat their gear with respect and eliminate theft incidents,
  • generate detailed reports of stock values, assortment transfers, turnover, and costs,
  • easily locate your assortment and enable alerts that will inform you of upcoming scheduled inspections,
  • various methods of asset labelling: barcodes, RFID, mobile terminal services,
  • easy integration with ERP, FK, Excel, CSV.

The system is based on Mobile Warehouse and Quick Inventory software by PWSK. See for yourself how it works with readers and scanners.

Software for assortment inventory which uses RFID chips

Inventory is a serious challenge. If you don’t want to distract your employees from work for a long time, provide them with a system that will make it considerably faster!

How is it possible?

  1. Permanent labelling of assets with RFID tags or inventory labels will ensure that you will have to tag your assortment only once after its purchase. No more reprinting damaged barcode labels anymore.
  2. Benefit from the RFID technology. Radio waves, unlike barcode labels, do not require direct tracing of the scanner to the label. You won’t have to climb ladders or crawl into tight spaces to read them.
  3. Inventory software – p”Quick Inventory” will provide the rest: you’ll be able to inventory your equipment and break it down into rooms, departments, cost centres, and users. You’ll also generate current stock reports.

Why buy a program to record fixed assets with RFID?

Thanks to the use of radio proximity tagging technology, you can record and inventory in a whole new, convenient way. The process will be a few times faster than regular inventory.

RFID tags permanently label company’s assets while maintaining low implementation costs. Contrary to the traditional tagging of equipment with an inventory number or a barcode, the label with information does not need to be visible to the reader. The use of radio technology allows you to read multiple markers at once, which is illustrated in the clip below.


Description of RFID asset recording

Quick Inventory utilizes the cutting-edge technology of RFID tags to mark company assets. RFID tags have significant advantages over traditional labels with printed inventory number and a barcode, although they allow the combination of all three elements (in form of self-adhesive labels for RFID inventory).

The advantage of using the aforementioned solution is the speed at which the information is presented, as shown in the clip below.

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