Mobile Warehouse by PWSK – a mobile RFID application

RFID UHF Mobile Warehouse  is the best way to combine the need for a mobile application with RFID proximity technology.

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Mobile Warehouse by PWSK will allow your company to instantly implement mobile applications based on contactless RFID tags. Thanks to this solution your employees will be able to do their jobs not only at their PC, but also wherever it’s needed at the time.

A ready-made and proven application will save you the time needed for implementation and will immediately yield measurable results. Thanks to both the software and RFID technology, data collection will become a quick and error-free process. Collected data is stored in a local SQL database or transmitted either wirelessly or by USB connection to a central FK, ERP, or SQL database application.

Purpose of the Mobile Warehouse application:

Mobile Warehouse by PWSK is a mobile application of great versatility. It can be used to:

  • register the flow of assets and documents,
  • inventory fixed assets, equipment, raw materials, furniture,
  • monitor the movement of people,
  • track production processes,
  • service machines and equipment,
  • issue warehouse documents,
  • monitor processes in logistics and trade.

Why should you buy Mobile Warehouse software?

Mobile Warehouse by PWSK is a universal mobile application. It provides the quickest way to implement RFID UHF-based mobile technology for business.

It isn’t branded so it can serve as a ready-made OEM product that will be a part of a larger third-party solution. It’s well documented and easy to integrate with any software.

The program can simultaneously register barcodes and RFID tags.

Mobile Warehouse specifications:

Mobile Warehouse is designed for data collectors (mobile RFID terminals) with Windows CE or Windows Mobile operating systems.
The program has rich configuration menu, which allows for customization with just a few clicks.
It can be used to:

  • issue any defined warehouse documents (Goods Received Note, Stock Issue Confirmation),
  • inventory warehouses,
  • inventory fixed assets and equipment with an indication of its user and place of usage,
  • identity and verify barcodes and RFID tags.

Exchange of data with your computer is done via regular CSV text files. Thanks to that Mobile Warehouse is compatible with any computer system, even directly with Excel. WiFi and GSM are also available as channels of communication.

Note: We also recommend you to get familiar with our fully compatible RFID terminals.
By buying both the Mobile Warehouse and an RFID terminal at once you will receive a significant discount. Please call or send an email with your inquiry.


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