Tool Management System Narzędziownia®

Software for effective management of company assets.
Monitor tools, hardware, and materials.


Tools are getting lost? They’re often not available on time?
With Tool Management System you will:

Locations of tools

Know the precise location of tools in the warehouse or at employee’s disposal.

dates of inspection symbol

Monitor dates of inspections, and fulfill the ISO 9001 requirements.

Lower expenses

Lower expenses on purchasing tools, hardware, machines, and materials.

Employees symbol

Make the employees feel responsible for items they check-out.

Monitor your tools, equipment, and other company assets:

Tool Management System - drill

Limit expenses
on tools

Monitoring your tools will allow
your business to limit expenses.
Tools will stop getting
lost and all the equipment will always be available on time and ready to work.

Work with the Tool Management System

Avoid delays in fulfilling orders

Quickly provide your workers with the tools they need, so that they can get to work and not wait in queues. Replace the annoying paper documentation with specialized software and readers.

Tool management system – cutting process

Register and control tool wear

Monitor equipment and fixed
assets from the moment they’re bought until their liquidation. This
will limit the excessive use of materials and unwarranted wear
and tear of protective gear.

taking stock levels

Manage inspection dates & stock levels

The alert system will help you monitor minimal stock levels and prepare purchase orders. Alerts control dates of technical
inspections, so that everything is compliant with ISO 9001 standards.

Diagram of RFID Tool Management System

Modules of Tool Management System

Adjust the system to the needs of your company:

Files tool management tile


Files of employees, tools, materials, fixed assets, worker’s equipment.
integrations tile


Import data from Excel, CSV or ERP systems like SAP.
Documents tile


Issuing warehouse documents, such as Goods Dispatch Note, Goods Received Note, Inter–warehouse transfers.
Inventory tile


Quick inventory of warehouse, tools, equipment, materials and fixed assets.
Inspections tile


Software for technical inspections and management of measuring tools.
Maintenance tile


Tracking operating and servicing costs of tools, machines, and vehicles.
Purchases tile


Module created for handling purchase orders and requisitions.
OSH tile


OSH equipment module for monitoring and distributing protective gear with allocation schedule.
Multiple Warehouses tile

Multiple Warehouses

Support for multiple warehouses, that allows monitoring an unlimited number of departments of the company.
Multilingual version tile

Multilingual Version

Software in English, German, Czech, and other languages on demand.

Do you want to manage the assets of your company efficiently?

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Label your tools to speed up the check-out process:

RFID tagged tools

How to quickly check-out items?

Quick checking-out of items with RFID

Filling warehouse documents manually can take so long, that workers start to form a queue in front of the tool warehouse. As for Excel – over time the growing records will become chaotic and lack of signature makes the records unreliable.

Tool Management System uses RFID proximity cards as a form of electronic signature. The system stores its unique number assigned to the employee. The whole operation of checking-out the item is shortened to a few seconds and controlling tools become easier.
Omni-Id Max Label ATEX

How to secure your tools with RFID chips?

Labeling tools with RFID tags

Expensive tools can often get lost. But there are reliable methods of marking them. The most reliable method is to use the RFID proximity tags that come in the form of plastic chips or labels.

They were created with tough industrial conditions in mind. Thanks to that, they are way more durable than barcodes. Using them you drastically shorten the time it takes to check-in and check-out items.
scanning barcode with a handheld reader

Is the barcode suited for tool labeling?

Marking tools with barcodes

Experiences of various companies lead to the conclusion that even the most durable barcodes are not suited for reliable labeling of tools and equipment in industrial conditions.

However, barcodes can be used to mark consumables, such as cutting discs, drill bits, milling cutters, gloves, etc. Those items are often already marked with barcodes at purchase.


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