Zebra FX7500 fixed RFID UFH reader

High-quality RFID UHF reader that allows connecting of 2 to 4 antennas. Thanks to its versatile design, it can be installed and usied in virtually any RFID system.

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Zebra FX7500 RFID UHF reader is an updated version of the well-known FX7400 RFID reader, supplemented with new solutions and more effective software for RFID tag detection. The reader allows for simultaneous use of 2 to 4 antennas.

The right RFID solution can help you track people and products that are the most important to your business. It can save you both time and money – but only if the used technology is able to capture data quickly and accurately. Motorola FX7500 UHF RFID reader is perfectly suited for these purposes.

It is worth mentioning that Motorola RFID solutions had been acquired by Zebra and their products are currently sold under Zebra brand.

The Motorola FX7500 RFID UFH reader is ideal for any RFID identification system widely used in:

  • Industry
  • Logistics
  • Warehouses
  • Production plants
  • Automated laundries
  • Chain of supply monitoring

Examples of Zebra (Motorola) FX7500 reader applications:

  • Production lines – when UHF antennas connected to the reader are positioned along the production line, the reader will register all events occurring on the production line.
  • Monitoring of materials, products and pallets in the warehouse – the reader allows for automated recording of the entry and exit of all items transported within the warehouse. Combined with appropriate RFID tags for equipment identification, and with 2 to 4 RFID antennas installed in the assortment transport zone, it creates a system that can register all the events in the given area. The data can then be saved in an SQL database or a CSV text file.

Why should you chose Zebra FX7500 RFID UHF 4-channel reader?

  • High quality guaranteed by Zebra (formerly Motorola)
  • Large number of GPIO inputs and outputs available
  • Great programming possibilities thanks to the Linux operating system.

Modern solution in a small compact housing – the Motorola FX7500 ensures high efficiency of identification and reading of RFID UHF tags.

In short, basing your RFID system on the Motorola (Zebra) FX7500 reader will allow you to improve your business by achieving an efficiency boost thanks to the automation of identification and storage processes.

Additional information

RFID standard

UHF (EPC 1, GEN 2)


865 – 868 MHz (EU)


Ethernet (LAN), RS232, USB

Power supply

24VDC, PoE


up to 30dbm


196mm x 150mm x 43mm


Motorola, Zebra

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