Antenna RFID UHF 12M

UHF A2 M12 RFID antenna with up to 12m range for multi-channel reader. High quality RFID UHF tagging and reading antenna equipped with convenient mounting bracket

325.15  net (ex. VAT)


RFID UHF A2 M12 antenna, a high quality RFID antenna designed for use in many RFID systems.

Example purpose antenna

The UHF RFID antenna is designed to read and program UHF RFID tags in:

  • industry
  • logistics
  • warehouse
  • trade
  • Access control points
  • Offices and offices
  • Measurement of time at sporting events
  • RFID parking system
  • Laundry

Main purpose is the construction of control points, RFID gateways:

  • Time recordings on sports competitions, PWSK’s special RFID system records players and presents the results of the competition.
  • Controlling the movement of people and objects – Antenna identifies the tags that appear within its range
    Inventory of materials, goods and pallets in the warehouse.
  • Entry and exit accounting for a feeder or forklift – An RFID gate created from a reader and 4 properly spaced antennas

Why buy Antenna RFID UHF A2 M12

  • Aesthetic plastic casing
  • It has mounting holes for flat surfaces and fixing to the rack
  • Possibility of working outdoors

Additional information


UHF (EPC 1, GEN 2)


860 – 960 MHz (Global)


445 mm x 445 mm x 55 mm


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