The best, next to Smartrac Dogbone range of UHF RFID tags.

Four antennas provide readings regardless of position.

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RFID label SMARTRAC Frog 3D is an excellent RFID UHF label with a very good range, independent of its orientation and numerous uses. The most popular RFID tag next to Smartrac Dogbone.

Used RFID chip allows you to mark:

  • Containers, plastic containers

  • Wooden storage pallets

  • Equipment, tools

  • Fixed assets and office equipment

RFID tag SMARTRAC Frog 3D – why it’s worth buying

  • Label design for reading orientation independently

  • Proven, extremely popular design

  • Excellent label in the form of a 53 × 53 mm square

When implementing your own RFID system, you should take this label for consideration and perform the appropriate tests and trials. In some cases it works better than a specialized application for the tag.

Description of RFID UHF Frog 3D SMARTRAC label

The Frog 3D label can work on many materials. Sticking labels on metal surfaces effectively restricts tag reading from a distance of 5m to even tens of centimeters.

Label compliance (tag, chip, tag) with EU standards: RoHS directive (ban on hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) EU 2002/95 / EC



UHF (EPC 1, GEN 2)


860 – 960 MHz (Global)




ISO/IEC 18000


wielkość anteny – 50 x 50 mm, rozmiar pojedynczej etykiety – 53 x 53 mm

Temperatura pracy

-40C do 85C

Rozmiar pamięcie

128 bitowy EPC + 32 bity (możliwość rozszerzenia do 496 bitów)


przezroczysta etykieta RFID (istnieje możliwość zamówienia powierzchni do zadruku)

Rodzaj kleju

bezrozpuszczalnikowy trwały klej, temperatura naklejania. -20 °C do 80 °C

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