UHF RFID Label, small in size and printable, for all sorts of labels.

Note – minimum order – 10 pieces

Shipment in 24h.

0.46  net (ex. VAT)


RFID tag SMARTRAC MiniWeb, is an excellent RFID UHF label with small dimensions. Will provide a large reading range.

Mini Web label with RFID chip – Purpose

  • Marking a variety of assortment
  • Mark fixed assets, equipment, tools, equipment, apparatus
  • Labeling of clothing and merchandise
  • Marking books, folders for documents, documents, files

RFID tag SMARTRAC MiniWeb – Why buy it

  • RFID label is designed for transfer printing
  • Impaj Monza R6 latest chip
  • Excellent adhesion to the surface

Thanks to the size of a typical inventory label and the ability to print on a thermal transfer printer, the RFID tag SMARTRAC MiniWeb is a great way to test your RFID

RFID inventory stickers were used, for example, when marking property in the 7 storey office building of Nestle in Warsaw. Thanks to them, the natural inventory of more than 4,000 items ran within a few days. Inventorying in subsequent years will only be a formality.

If you are deploying your own RFID system, you should take this label and take any tests. In some cases works better than other specialized tags.


Description of RFID label for UHF MiniWeb SMARTRAC inventory

The MiniWeb label can work on many materials.Note: Sticking labels on metal surfaces effectively restricts tag reading.Label compliance (tag, chip, tag) with EU standards: RoHS directive (ban on hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) EU 2002/95 / EC

Additional information



UHF (EPC 1, GEN 2)


860 – 960 MHz (Global)




4 meters


ISO/IEC 18000


wielkość anteny – 40 x 18 mm, rozmiar pojedynczej etykiety – 43 x 21 mm

Rozmiar pamięci

128 bitowy EPC + 32 bity (możliwość rozszerzenia do 496 bitów)

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