RFID Recorder

The software RFID Recorder It allows anyone, without the need to hire a programmer to create their own RFID system.

325.15  net (ex. VAT)


Recorder RFID is a software utility that lets you quickly create your own RFID system without hiring a programmer.

It saves time and immediately gets the positive effects of implementation.

RFID Recorder – Purpose

  • Registration of the flow of objects or documents

  • Stock records, pallets, parcels, containers, forklifts

  • Registration of movement of persons

Why buy a RFID Recorder

Rapid implementation of RFID technology without the need for programming and testing.
The program works with the RFID Guard, which controls the appearance of objects or people in certain zones. It can be integrated with ERP, WMS, CMMS, MES, EAM and others in production, logistics, procurement, warehouse, office and office.
On request, the software can be customized for specific deployment conditions.

Description – RFID Recorder

The software supports the RFID reader and records all the tag readings (chips, tags, tags) of RFID in the SQL database or in the CSV text file.

  • Date and time
  • Computer name, IP address and reader number
  • Event name (eg appearance of object, person, document, etc …)
  • The person code read from the UHF RFID card
  • Item code read from UHF RFID tag

An RFID reader can be a desktop, integrated or multi-channel type, such as an RFID gateway.

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