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Radiowe chipy RFID zyskały sobie duże znacznie w profesjonalnych systemach pomiaru czasu na zawodach sportowych i imprezach masowych.  Dzięki nim pomiar czasu jest prosty, a wyniki dostępne live! – na bieżąco.

Organizator imprezy sportowej zyskuje przewagę konkurencyjną nad innymi sposobami pomiaru czasu.  Zawodnicy są zadowoleni z uzyskanych od razu wyników i klasyfikacji.



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Electronic time measurement at sporting events is a simple to use and complete time attendance system using the latest UHF RFID technology. Owning your own set of time measurement significantly lowers the cost of organizing sporting events and gives you the perfect opportunity to provide a performance measurement service.

PWSK employees, alongside passion for creating RFID systems, have an active lifestyle, so this system just had to come up.

Marked with RFID tags (chips, labels), runners enter or go to the finish line and are recognized by the RFID (RFID antenna) installed there. A specially developed time and race program registers the start numbers and their arrival time. They immediately present the results according to the individual classification.

Time Measurement PWSK also takes into account the need to hit the checkpoints, charging penalties defined in case of abandonment.

The program and the whole set went through a general rehearsal at a big nationwide event involving 500 motorcyclists coming in on the finish line, as well as numerous cross-country, cycling, motocross and even triathlon events.

Application of the Competitors Timing System

  • Electronic time measurement on cross-country competitions (in parallel in terms of eg racing and cross country)
  • Electronic time measurement of motorcycles, quads (motocross speed division with results by engine capacity)
  • Professional time measurement of cyclists
  • Measuring time of cross country skiers
  • Measuring time on training
  • Time measurement on ski competitions – Possible option – Photocell for time measurement

Why use RFID time measurement system in sport?

The PWSK timing system can be adapted to any sport. The kit is simple to assemble.

The unique property of the PWSK system is the checkpoints, whose software can work in conditions of poor access to the Internet. The points register the competitors all the time and transfer to the central system at the time the network appears. This is very important in professions played in areas distant from civilization.

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Description RFID time measurement system

Players are tagged with RFID tags. Popular affordable chips for the competition: Dogbone self adhesive labels.

Before the start of the competition, athletes are registered on a computer system and receive their assigned numbers and RFID labels. Their advantage is simple labeling of start numbers and faster results than a photocell or camera recording time at the finish.

The UHF RFID Reader detects a chip in the RF range and stores the readable ID of the competitor along with the exact time in the SQL database.

Main features of the program to measure time and service occupations

  • Definition of any route, steps, laps and checkpoints
  • Create any startup lists
  • Registration of players manually or import of start list
  • Assigning RFID tags to athletes
  • Presentation of current results on judges screens
  • Immediate, highly configurable display of results on the screen
  • Generate results reports immediately after the competition

What customers say about the quality of the Time Measurement System at the Contests :

“This equipment is perfect for all weather and field conditions, and the flexibility of the software makes it possible for every event to be well prepared.”- Prezes Bogatyńskiego Klubu Motorowego CROSS, Artur Oleksak

“The co-operation works very well, so we can also grow and expand our services when organizing sporting events.”- Firma KĘPAS PORT, Leszek Kępiński

“The technical support we received during implementation has always been at the highest level, and the comments and suggestions submitted were immediately implemented.”- Prezes Zarządu ŻTC Kazimierz Kwiatkowski

Watch video featuring System Electronic Measurement Time for cross-country competitions:


We recommend contacting the PWSK consultant who will explain the operation and help you to find the solution for your sport, the equipment you need and the price list.

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Registration of players in race time tracking software


Flexible startup sector settings allow you to tailor the program to any sports discipline. Measuring time only requires a configuration change.

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The price offered includes software for time measurement. To work it needs a PWSK Time Measurement Kit.

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