RFID Datamars Novo

Datamars Novo is the best RFID UHF tag for labelling OSH protective gear, linen or towels. Visit our store and learn how to use this tag in your system.

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RFID tag Datamars Novo is a tag specifically designed for clothing, bed linen and towels. Produced by the Swiss company Datamars, which is a leader in RFID systems for labeling materials and laundry.

Benefits of using radio frequency RFID proximity technology in:

  • Hotel, B & B – protection of swimming pool towels, bedding theft, fast and periodic inventory sampling
  • Hospital, sanatory, health service – 100% accurate case control and laundry returns – less stolen bed linen
  • Industrial plants, construction – clothing labeling BHP, laundry records, quick return of washed clothes to the cabinets of workers

Special RFID gates or mobile readers can count the basket, filled with tagged linen tags in seconds. It greatly relieves the person, eliminating costly mistakes and facilitating settlement with the laundry.

Gates installed in the passage are able to secure, for example, bath towels taken from the swimming pool.

Inventorying a hotel or hospital using radio chips shortens the list of nature from day to day.


Why buy Datamars Novo Laundry Tags

  • A very good range of action ensures the reading of all tagged items
  • Proven construction of an experienced manufacturer
  • Long-lasting strength (resistance to 200 washing cycles, or 3 years after first use) – disposable marking of the
  • extenders for the entire life of the object
  • I am also very suitable for other industries

Descreption of tag Datamars Novo

Guaranteed resistance to individual operations:

  • Milling – 204 ° C (399 ° F), 12 seconds, 1 cycle
  • Laundry – 90 ° C (194 ° F), 15 minutes, 200 cycles
  • Drying – 180 ° C (356 ° F), 3 minutes, 200 cycles
  • Final drying (tunnel) – 170 ° C (338 ° F), 10 minutes
  • Autoclave – 3.2bar, RH 85%, 5min @ 134 ° C (273 ° F)
  • Chemical Resistance – All chemicals commonly used in laundries

Additional information



UHF (EPC 1, GEN 2)


860 – 960 MHz (Global)




ISO/IEC 18000


rozmiar pojedynczego znacznika – 70 x 15 mm

Temperatura przechowywania

-40C do 120C

Rozmiar pamięci

128 bitów EPC


poliester + bawełna (wstążka)

Sposób mocowania

wszywanie, przyszywanie

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