RFID windshield Glass - K

The best label for labelling vehicles. Large operating range. Thermal transfer printing possible. More comfortable than a plastic card.

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RFID Glass-K is a UHF self-adhesive RFID tag that is ideal for use as a sticker on the windscreen for car park access control (parking systems) or company entrance. The label design allows it to be used on any glass or plastic surface and ensures a long working range..

RFID Glass Label – K – typical use

  • Vehicle marking – Sticker on the windshield of the vehicle
  • Marking plastic containers
  • Marking of equipment, tools
  • Identification of fixed assets and office equipment

RFID tag Glass – K – why buy it

  • special construction ensures its operation on any dielectric surface (glass, plastic)
  • Printing on thermo-transfer printers
  • unique antenna design for long-range readability of the label

In contrast to conventional RFID tags, it is ideal for vehicle identification for parking systems, entry control, automatic barrier control, forklift traffic management.

Description of RFID tag Glass – K

Label compliance (tag, chip, tag) with EU standards: RoHS directive (ban on hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) EU 2002/95 / EC

Additional information



UHF (EPC 1, GEN 2)


860 – 960 MHz (Global)




ISO/IEC 18000


wielkość anteny – 93 x 18 mm, rozmiar pojedynczej etykiety – 95 x 23 mm

Temperatura pracy

-40C do 85C

Rozmiar pamięci

96 bitowy EPC (możliwość rozszerzenia do 480 bitów)


biała etykieta RFID (ABS)

Rodzaj kleju

bezrozpuszczalnikowy trwały klej, temperatura naklejania. -20 °C do 80 °C

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