Smartrac ShortDipole RFID label for printing

A small UHF RFID label that is perfect for marking clothing, documents, books, equipment and corporate assets. The white surface of the RFID label allows you to print the transfer thermo.

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The Smartrac ShortDipole RFID label is specially designed for marking documents, equipment or any assortment. Widely used in asset management and inventory systems. It allows you to combine RFID and barcode technology with the ability to print labels on thermo transfer printers

The Smartrac ShortDipole RFID label allows you to:

  • Clothing labeling
  • Marking documents and books
  • Plastic containers
  • Warehouse pallets
  • Equipment, tools
  • Fixed assets

Why buy a product label – Smartrac ShortDipole RFID labels for printing

    • Specially designed antenna for long range and small dimensions
    • Proven Monza 4 chip
    • Large user memory (up to 512 bits)
    • The upper part of the label is made of a material that allows printing of the thermoform

    If you are deploying your own RFID system, you should take this label and take any tests. In some cases works better than other specialized tags

Description of RFID tag UHF ShortDipole

Label compliance (tag, chip, tag) with EU standards: RoHS directive (ban on hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) EU 2002/95 / EC

Additional information



UHF (EPC 1, GEN 2)


860 – 960 MHz (Global)




ISO/IEC 18000


wielkość anteny – 93 x 11 mm, rozmiar pojedynczej etykiety – 97 x 15 mm

Temperatura pracy

-40C do 85C

Rozmiar pamięci

128 bitowy EPC bity (możliwość rozszerzenia do 496 bitów), pamięć użytkownika do 512 bitów


biała etykieta RFID (możliwy zadruk termo transferowy)

Rodzaj kleju

bezrozpuszczalnikowy trwały klej, temperatura naklejania. -20 °C do 80 °C

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