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Complete Tool Control System by PWSK. Minima version is compatible with RFID technology. It will allow for quick and convenient inventory of hardware, tools, documentation, electronics, medical devices, and many more.

Over 1000 successful implementations in the industry, state institutions, private companies, police, military, and health care.

The system improves the quality of company asset management and reduces the cost of its maintenance.


Tool Management System will help you control all your company’s assets. Thanks to the system, you’ll be able to quickly locate the tools required for work, increase your employees’ responsibility for firm’s assets, and instantly check technical inspection and warranty deadlines of your assortment.

By permanently marking your assets with RFID proximity chips, you’ll be able to identify, monitor, and inventory all your stock efficiently. The system saves both time and money – the investment is returned within first months of use.

Why implement the Tool Management System?

Our software has won the Product of the Year award by Warehouse Maintenance magazine and received the Golden Dragon award at the EUROTOOL technology fair. The system has over 1000 implementations throughout Poland and many other countries. The professional version is used by large corporations employing SAP ERP system.

Immediate benefits of introducing the PWSK RFID Tool Management System:

  • reduce asset-related expenses, thanks to the increased rotation and better utilization of your assortment,
  • locate your equipment easily – get access to information on your gear’s current place of use and current holder,
  • save your employees’ time – they’ll no longer have to wait for hardware they require to work,
  • monitor your stock with deadline control and minimum stock level alerts,
  • increase your employees’ responsibility for assets on their hands,
  • reduce undue consumption and theft incidents.

How our system is used to monitor assets in different industries:

All industries – inventory of tools, materials, documentation. Durable and unambiguous marking of all fixed assets with the use of RFID chips.
Construction companies – inventory of tools, instruments, OSH gear. Fast tools’ servicing and quick release of assortment.
Offices and archives – a detailed database of documents and records. Signing in by RFID proximity card.
Hotels – inventory of fixed assets and equipment, detailed location of assortment within the building.
Police, the army – inventory of resources, weapons, armament and ammunition, all broken down to each individual copy. History tracking.
Hospital, health service – records of specialist and medical equipment, expiration dates, and tracking of consumed materials.


The Minima RFID UHF software program is adjusted to the needs of companies that require:

  • up to 1000 assortment entries (quantity of a single entry is not limited),
  • up to 50 employees or contractors,
  • a single computer station.

Your company possess more equipment? Not a problem, we’ll send you a quote for Standard and Professional versions of the program.

Minima RFID Tool Management System includes:
– resource monitoring software Tool Management System®, which allows for quick and simple inventory of tools in the company,
– RFID UHF long-range reader for marking and releasing tools,
– RFID software module,
– RFID tag starter kit: self-adhesive labels, metal surface tags, small dimensions tags, proximity cards.

Price of a complete and ready-to-use system – 3490 PLN net! (full offer available by request, please write or call)
Try out the most complex and extensive asset management software employing RFID chips.

The benefits of the Tool Management System:

  • permanently label assets with RFID tags and chips,
  • keep records of all your assortment and inventory,
  • organize user files, places of use and cost centres,
  • UHF RFID module designed to release assortment quickly,
  • monitor the history of Release, Return, Consumption and Liquidation documents,
  • control warranty and inspection dates,
  • generate detailed and customized reports containing only the information that you need.

The video below shows the difference between barcode and RFID while releasing a tool. See for yourself:

Speed and convenience of using RFID proximity tags:

What FAKRO says about Tool Management System:

FAKRO has been using PWSK Tool Management System for a number of years to document its tools for window mass production. It runs on many workstations without any issues. The software efficiently records all warehouse operations, calculates utilization costs by machine and by the employee.
PWSK’s employee identification system using RFID proximity cards has accelerated warehouse operations, handling of the staff and limited the need for paper documents. This has resulted in reduced tool release queues and significant time savings for the crew – Ing. Robert Dąbrowski, Chief Mechanic FAKRO.

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