Long-range RFID UHF 12M reader

Integrated long-range RFID UHF 12m reader with a range of up to 12 meters Richly equipped, easy to install, versatile, and compatible with various communication interfaces.
Build RFID systems for logistics, manufacturing, access control, trade, healthcare, and industry.
Additional software tools that will help in implementing the reader without hiring developers are available.
Shipping within 24 hours. By buying from us, you get a guaranteed warranty and post-warranty service.

Note: A new RSSI version with a world-class chipset and efficiency increased by up to 50% is available.

877.90  net (ex. VAT)


The long-range RFID UHF 12M reader is easy to assemble, versatile, and rich in communication interfaces. It’s the best choice if you’re looking for a reliable, long-range RFID reader with plenty of features.

Examples of industries which can benefit from RFID UHF 12M reader:

  • access control – parking systems, monitoring flow of people at conferences,
  • the industry – counting pallets, product identification, paint shop maintenance,
  • logistics – tracking of pallets and reusable containers, reading RFID logistic labels, marking of containers and vehicles,
  • warehouses – tracking of pallets, bulk containers, forklifts,
  • wholesale and retail trade – delivery of goods from the wholesalers, adding goods to the stock,
  • security – zone protection, traffic signalling, monitoring of mine workers and hazardous areas, baggage and passenger control at airports.

The high range of RFID UHF 12M reader is one of its greatest advantages. It allows the reader to be used in counting and monitoring production and traffic in a form of a small RFID gateway.

Why should you buy this particular RFID long-range reader?

  • Shipping within 24 hours. By buying from us, you get a guaranteed warranty and post-warranty service,
  • in a single casing, you get a complete device: a long-range reader and an RFID antenna,
  • up to 4 different communication interfaces,
  • it’s easy to adjust the reading range,
  • compact and aesthetic casing,
  • mounting brackets which will allow you to easily install a UHF reader to a rack or a flat surface,
  • easy to write software, SDK is available.

If you don’t want to code the application on your own, you can use additional PWSK software that will allow you to integrate the reader into your ERP system. Within one day you’ll be able to replace barcodes with RFID tags.
The RFID UHF 12M reader supports the integration of any access control panel thanks to the built-in Wiegand 26/34 bit controller. This enables the extension of any RFID access control system without the need to change the infrastructure that’s already in place.
It’s the best choice for maintenance-free parking systems and automatic gateways in large warehouses and production halls.
The set contains a pulse power supply unit and a holder to attach the reader to a rack or a mast.

In addition, you’ll receive:
– complete technical documentation,
– a library containing SDK and configuration software for the selected reader.


Description of RFID UHF 12M reader:

The maximal optimal reading range of up to 12meters. A single-channel reader and an RFID antenna are contained in a single casing.
It possesses 4 communication interfaces – RS-232, RS-485, Wiegand and USB, making it compatible with any RFID system.
PWSK provides technical support for the installation and configuration of the reader. We encourage you to get familiar with the ready-to-use tools from PWSK, which will enable you to integrate the reader into your IT system without the need for hiring a programmer.
The reader casing complies with IP54 standards for outdoor installation. It has successfully worked for several seasons in an environmentally sensitive, maintenance-free parking systems.

What do the users say about the reader?

Our company has been specializing in parking systems for years. We’ve chosen PWSK as a reliable technological partner providing us with efficient and easy-to-install solutions for our systems. […] RFID readers provided by PWSK are of high quality and resistant to harsh weather conditions.
– M.Sc. Dominik Pioskowik

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