RFID UHF desktop reader

RFID UHF desktop reader is versatile and convenient. The USB interface ensures easy connection with your computer.
Incredibly popular, for a good reason. Used to program RFID chips and labels.

Shipping within 24 hours. By buying from us, you get a guaranteed warranty and post-warranty service.

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RFID UHF desktop reader is a universal desktop reader with a USB interface. The best choice among readers with a range of several centimetres. It allows for programming and reading UHF RFID cards and has a direct connection to a computer.

The most common applications of UHF desktop reader are:

  • access authorization (logging into computer programs),
  • programming of RFID UHF cards, tags, and chips,
  • transaction authorization (a special form of electronic signature) with RFID cards; approving receiving, releasing, and disposal of assortment,
  • universal reader for all situations where a long reading range is not required.

Thanks to its small dimensions (105 x 70 x 11 mm), the reader can be conveniently located on a desk and connected to a PC or a notebook.

RFID UHF desktop reader – why should you buy it?

  • shipping within 24 hours – all our readers come with a warranty and after-warranty service,
  • a small, compact, and aesthetic case with rubber pads, it’s easy to relocate,
  • it’s easy to connect – one USB cable for transmission and power supply,
  • Software Development Kit and a demo version of the code are available,
  • additional software tools available: RFID keyboard, RFID programmer, and RFID recorder will allow you to quickly create and replace barcodes with RFID tags.

The kit also includes technical documentation, drivers, SDKs, and a 1.5 m USB connection cable.

PWSK has developed a custom software version of “Wiegand RFID Keyboard”, which enables the reader to use UHF RFID tags and labels for use in access control systems in combination with 4M and 12M readers. The number read from the tag memory is converted to the corresponding Wiegand 34 number and is placed in the active text field of the selected program.

Description of RFID UHF Desktop Reader:

RFID reader UHF has a short range (maximum reading range of up to a few centimetres). Small, compact case includes an RFID antenna with a UHF reader.

PWSK provides technical support for connecting the UHF RFID reader. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the ready-to-use software toolset PWSK, which will allow you to integrate the reader into your IT system without hiring a programmer.

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