RFID UHF 12-channel fixed reader

1,124.56  netto (ex.VAT)

Fast RFID UHF stationary reader with 12 antenna inputs, allowing you to build your own UHF RFID technology system. The device is equipped with a quick RFID module by Impinj (Indy 2000).


RFID UHF 12-channel fixed reader works as an extension of PWSK’s 4-channel reader. Its very simple to install and allows for universal use and quick integration with existing systems. The novelty of the Impinj R2000 is that it allows for significant increase in speed and stability of reading with the ability to feed RSSI from 12 antenna outputs It’s a great choice if you’re looking for an economical, highly-equipped UHF RFID reader to control UHF antennas.

The RFID UHF 12-channel fixed reader is designed to program and read UHF RFID tags, that can be used in:

  • industry
  • logistics
  • warehouses
  • trade
  • access control points
  • offices
  • measurement of time at sporting events
  • laundry rooms
  • libraries
  • person identification and traffic monitoring systems

Its main use is the formation of the RFID gateways, active shelves and cabinets, and laundry tunnels. Perfectly suited for identifying and locating employees and equipment in motion by connecting 12 independent UHF RFID antennas and reading RSSI.

RFID UHF 12-channel fixed reader – examples of use

  • Production line – UHF antennas are located along the production line and are connected to the reader. Events of the production line are logged.
  • Time measurement at sports contests – RFID antennas, RFID gateways or measurement mats can be connected to the reader. RFID tags of competitors crossing the finish line are read to measure the final time with great precision. This model of the reader has proved to be a great option in an enduro motorbike event in Poland, where riders crossed the finish line at 90km/h. PWSK’s personalized RFID system recorded competitors’ times and presents the results of the competition.
  • Monitoring the movement of people and objects – Antennas identify tags appearing in their range, and record date and time in the database. In case of an unauthorized entry, light and sound alarms are triggered.
  • Inventory of materials, goods, and pallets in stock – Feeder’s or forklift’s entry and exit are accounted for thanks to the use of an RFID gateway, which is formed by a reader and 12-channel RFID antennas. The inventory software or RFID recorder reads the data and transmits it to a SQL database or a CSV text file.

Why buy the 12-channel RFID UHF reader?

  • Compact, aesthetic metal casing with mounting holes for flat surfaces
  • Possibility to connect 12 independent UHF RFID antennas
  • Uncomplicated software, written in popular languages – Delphi and C#
  • PWSK utility software is available, giving the option to easily integrate the reader without hiring a developer

Additional information


UHF (EPC 1, GEN 2)


865 – 868 MHz (EU)


over 200 tags per second

Złącza antenowe

12 x SMA Female


Ethernet (LAN), RS232, RS485, Wiegand (in option)




max 30dbm


200mm x 190mm x 80mm


230VAC-DC adapter, RS232 wire

1,124.56  netto (ex.VAT)